Coroflex® Blue

Cobalt Chromium for less profile and more flexibility


Coroflex® Blue from BBraun is a state of the art coronary stent system with excellent clinical performance. The super flexible stent combines material benefits of a cobalt chromium alloy with a an intelligent design.

Coroflex® Blue is frequently successfully used for last resort stenting. The ultra thin struts of only 65 µm are an important factor for low restenosis rates (s. STEREO-studies).

Efficient Delivery System

  • "Zero profile" x-ray markers and a QUAD balloon folding enable a crossing profile of less than 1 mm.
  • An innovative sequential tip design with an intelligent material mix assures excellent crossability even at the most difficult stenoses.
  • The "Helix push transfer system (HPTS)" allows a balanced force transmission for a sensitive catheter navigation with improved pushability.
  • Minimal balloon overhang on each stent side (< 0.5 mm) reduces the impact on healthy tissue during stent deployment and improves the outcomes of the procedure.


  • 65 µm strut thickness: Due to the material properties of cobalt chromium alloy, stent profile and strut thickness can be reduced without any loss in radiopacity or radial strength.
  • Flexible stent architecture: A modular cell concept with unique midpoint connectors maximizes stent flexibility in all directions.
  • Nine crown design: Nine crowns assure an optimized stent deployment and vessel wall coverage for a reduced risk of intimal injury.

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