PTCA Catheters

SeQuent® II


Rapid Exchange PTCA Balloon Catheter


SeQuent® II offers an improved sequential tip design (USP) and numerous other features for enhanced crossability, flexibility and pressure resistance. Especially the balloon sizes Ø 1.25 and 1.5 mm with their practically non compliant, high pressure balloon performance will offer the physicians more treatment options in challenging CTO patients


State of the art crossability

  • Extremely downsized 0.016“ tip
  • Reduced balloon profile 0.024’’-0.028”
  • Improved taper geometry

Optimized sequential tip proportions

  • Elongated highly flexible zone for guidewire trackability´and lesion crossing
  • Shortened and further downsized robust tip for calcified
  • lesions and recrossing

Best torque & push

  • Innovation awarded shaft material with highest available kink resistance

Enhanced balloon flexibility

  • Upgraded balloon folding and profile

True 6 F “kissing” balloon capability

  • Re-designed guide wire exit

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